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Super easy to make a purchase and the best massage in the Valley!

(Jason S., 1,970 days ago)

I had a wonderful experience, and am eager to return! Jaimee is friendly, informative, and supportive, and her massage space is tranquil and lovely. I will soon be having surgery for a chronic foot issue, and due to Jaimee's wealth of knowledge and experience, I feel confident that she will be able to assist me both pre- and post-op in getting back on my feet--literally!

(Anonymous, 2,133 days ago)

This website is easy to use. The gift certificates are lovely and the service is just what I was looking for. And, of course, the massages are wonderful! Thank you!

(Morgan S., 2,408 days ago)

Very friendly, welcoming and informative. Jaimee took ample time to thoroughly explain the lymph drainage treatment I'd scheduled. I left feeling very relaxed and I knew I'd been treated by someone who knows her stuff. This website is very professional too!

(Anonymous, 2,485 days ago)

the enviromnent that Jaimee provides before, during and after the massage is relaxing and always focused on the client. It was one of the most relaxing experiences that I have ever had.Claudine P.

(Claudine P., 3,619 days ago)

Jaimee, in addition to being totally professional, does a wonderful massage!

(Anonymous, 3,679 days ago)

Truly the most relaxing, soothing, and enjoyable message I've ever had! Jaimee is obviously experienced and educated in message and connecting with people. I can't wait to come back!!!

(Ingrid A., 3,712 days ago)

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What clients are saying

"Jaimee is extremely professional; always making me feel that my comfort level is a high priority. She is very knowledgeable. She is able to know what type of massage you need after talking with you to give you the best outcome. Jaimee cares deeply about her work and interactions with her clients. I always leave Jaimee's office feeling better and much more relaxed. I would recommend Jaimee to everyone! Thank you, Jaimee for your knowledge, hard work, and caring!" K.C., Bernardston

"Whenever someone asks me for the name of a massage therapist I recommend Jaimee from Healing Tree Massage and Bodywork. Jaimee's office is immaculate. Her massage technique is highly technical and professional, as well as intuitive and personalized for each client. Above all, Jaimee cares. She takes the time to get to know her clients to better facilitate healing for them." K.A., Easthampton

"Jaimee is an amazing massage therapist. I have recommended her to many friends over the years. She is incredibly knowledgeable about body mechanics, anatomy, physiology and holistic health. I highly recommend Jaimee." V.D., Northampton

“Thanks for allowing your massages to be body, mind and spiritual.  Your gentle ways both physical and verbal allow me to find some clarity and eventually some peace.” M.R., Hadley

"I have hired Jaimee to provide cranial sacral and hot stone massage work many times over the last few years. Her cranial sacral work has a profound effect and she has the ability to intuitively go to those areas on your body where you need it most. I recommend her highly and without reservation."  T.R., Florence

"Jaimee brings her heart and soul to her practice every day. She has great talent in knowing what your body needs to enhance your healing journey. She is extremely caring and very passionate about her work. I recommend Jaimee as an extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled therapist! You have never been in better hands!"  ZRH, OR

"Treat your self to a great massage. If you don't take care of your body who will? Jaimee delivers a wonderful relaxing rejuvenating experience.
Your body deserves it!"  T.T.

"Jamiee is the best. I started going to her this fall after a long time of not seeing her and wondered why I stayed away so long, After a long year of three job changes and extraordinary stress, I was a mess. Jamiee worked my muscles and got the memory of that stress out of my body. I feel so much better. Make an appointment today. She is a wizard!"  N.M., Holyoke

“Whether it be a Swedish, Hot Stone, or Shiatsu session, I always leave your office feeling at ease in my body; every inch of me in line and in balance.  Thank you for the compassion that you bring to your work.  When you work with a client you are not just working with their body, but are also working with their heart.  The experience and insight that you share, combined with your passion for helping people, has helped enable me to find increased balance by discovering my own healing resources.”

~ J.W., Southampton

“I appreciate the sensitivity that you possess not only in understanding where your client is that day but also in the ability of your hands to listen to the actual state of the client’s body.  Your competency in tissue manipulation and energetic release is superlative among  the dozens of practitioners that I have experienced in my twenty-seven years of working in the energetic arts.” 

~R.M., Easthampton

"Having had spinal fusion surgery that was only partially successful, Jaimee's healing hands make my life much easier to live.  I am always comfortable and everything she does to enhance the session is always on target."

~J.M., Southampton

"I've worked with Jaimee for many years. Even after numerous visits to renowned spas, she is still the best massage therapist that I have ever encountered. Her knowledge of the body's muscular structure, the pressure points and the energy channels is vast and I learn something new each time I visit her." 

~T.U., Southampton 


"Jaimee is a terrific massage therapist. She is attentive to your aches and pains and knows exactly how far to go to promote healing and alignment. I recommend her services highly - your body will thank you!" 

~T.W., Cambridge 


"Aside from her fantastic massages that I start looking forward to as soon as I leave her office, what I like best about Jaimee is that I can always be myself around her. I never have to worry that she's judging me. When I walk into Jaimee's office I feel safe because I know I am in a judgement free zone. I'm also comforted by the care Jaimee takes in keeping her office neat and clean -  it's a great place for a germ phobe like me to let my guard down." 

~K.A., Easthampton


"I just wanted to let you know that I feel fantastic today. No headache, no neck pain and the tight hip is just a whisper. You are terrific, even in the midst of alarm inspections and the tail end of a virus. Awesome!!!"

J.S., Florence